Nick & Nora Designs was founded by T. Michael Baker, Jr., a formally trained artist & designer. Since the founding of the TMB Custom Models in 1992, where every project is unique and one of a kind for a specific client we have always wanted to add more to the hobby.  Over the years several personal projects were started and later abandoned, pages upon pages of sketches were left to collect dust. To make these ideas finally see the light of day Nick & Nora Designs was established.

 We hope you enjoy building our kits as much as we have enjoyed designing and developing them!

Nick & Nora Designs is a Division Of TMB Custom Models. specializes in creating, designing, scratch building, and kit bashing   to your specifications.  We can work in all scales. Constructing buildings, bridges, locomotives, rolling stock, painting and detailing in all mediums. 


Please visit our site and get inspired.

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